Skid Pan - In Your Car or Our Lotus - Sat 1st May - Last spots remaining!

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Lotus Skid Pan - Advanced Car Control

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This skid pan morning will be run on the Diesel Skid Pan at Mt Cotton. This is without doubt the best skid pan facility in Australia allowing you to learn advanced car control techniques. Slide your car like a pro at safe speeds, with in car instruction and what's better; you get to do it in either our cars or yours! Only a few places left so get in quick! 1 to 1 Coaching Included.

Mt Cotton Training Centre

Saturday 1st May 2021 8.30am - 12.30pm

Use your own car - $199.00

Use our Lotus Exige - $275.00 (Plus have the option of using your own)

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How hard can it be to correct a sliding car at 40km/h?

For those that have never been on a diesel skid pan before – you will be surprised!!

The basis of Performance Driving requires skills far and beyond what we experience day to day on the road. Being prepared for a car to slide and having the skills and balance necessary to control that eventuality are a prerequisite.

For most customers the biggest improvement in their driving will come when they develop “feel” for what is about to happen. A slide shouldn’t be something that catches you by surprise, you need to develop feel for what is about to happen and react accordingly. The only way to improve this is practice, and what better way than in the safety of a skid pan environment.

This course is designed to make you a safer and more aware driver whilst receiving tips from the experts on car control and skid control techniques. Following a brief training overview you will jump behind the wheel of either our rear wheel drive Lotus Exige or your own vehicle where you will receive 1 to 1 coaching on the skills necessary to correct a skidding car. You will learn to recognise and control understeer, oversteer and what to do if you get out of control. More importantly you will learn how to avoid getting into these situations in the first place. Note: If using your own car on the skid pan please be aware we are subject to strict noise restrictions. Call or email if you are in doubt.

Tea, Coffee, snacks supplied.

Book Online or call Paul on 0419 549122 to confirm your position. "Be quick only a few places left"


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