Round 5 - Yokohama Tarmac Challenge Series - 7th November Lakeside DTC

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Round 5 is only a week away so get your entries in via the link below.

Also due to the cancellation of Rnd 2 earlier in the year we have been forced to combine Rnd 6 with our normal Tarmac Short Course Challenge event on the 4th Dec. The format will remain the same and be officially timed as usual. If you wish to run in both events that is possible however you will still need to enter the Yokohama Series via the Racers booking portal.

This event is effectively the same as our Tarmac Short Course Challenge however it is officially timed. Its a fast paced fun event run over two different layouts, passengers are pemitted (helmets required) however drivers will require a RACERS licence to compete. RACERS licences can easily by purchased for either a single day or yearly at the time of booking.

The points table is super tight and with the requirement to drop your worst round it is still open for anyone to win! See points table HERE

Tarmac Challenge Series


To provide a low-cost fun individual sprint competition that allows any one car and driver combination can have a realistic chance of success regardless of power or cost/performance of vehicle.


  • Round 1: Lakeside DTC - Sunday 28th February
  • Round 2: Lakeside DTC - Sunday 28th March CANCELLED DUE TO FLOODING
  • Round 2: Lakeside DTC - Sunday 9th May
  • Round 3: Lakeside DTC - Sunday 18th July
  • Round 4: Lakeside DTC - Sunday 12th September
  • Round 5: Lakeside DTC - Sunday 7th November
  • Round 6: Lakeside DTC - Saturday 4th December


To be run over 6 rounds (drop your worst round)

  • Officially timed sprints around various courses set up on the Lakeside DTC track. All runs to be timed with the fastest run and the next 4 closest times to be counted towards the points score.

  • The time difference over those 5 timed runs will determine your penalty score (i.e if your fastest run was 52.10 secs and subsequent closest times were 52.41, 52.54, 53.15, 52.98 then your penalty score for that sprint would be (53.15 – 52.10 = 1.05sec)

  • If in the event of failure to complete 5 timed runs during a course the driver will be allocated the penalty time equalling the largest time penalty of all competitors plus 5 sec.
  • If more than one track layout is used over the day then this scoring format will apply to each Sprint and the time differences added together to determine the overall round winner.

  • In the event of a tie at the end of the round then the person with the two closest times will determine the winner. If this still presents a tie then the closest 3 times will be used to determine the round winner.



Trophies to be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall in the Series plus the overall series winner will receive a set of 4 Yokohama A052’s plus a 10 Lap Radical Test Drive and a 1 yr subscription to Retromotive magazine

2nd place overall a set of Yokohama Tyre Covers and a 1 yr subscription to Retromotive magazine

3rd place a set of Yokohama tyre covers and a 1 yr subscription to Retromotive magazine

 1st place at each round will also receive a unique round winners cap.

Entry Fee $150.00 / driver. Entry numbers are strictly limited


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