Two Upcoming Events / Lakeside Track & Training - Fri 24th March / Yokohama Tarmac Challenge Series - Sun 26 March

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Our first 2023 event for Lakeside kicks off on Friday 24th March so come and drive one of the best drivers circuits in Australia. Its also one of the "trickiest" so if your planning to do further events at Lakeside this is a great opportunity to learn a few of its secrets and begin to enjoy if fully and safely.

Lakeside Park Friday 24th March 2023

Half Day AM 9.15am - 12.30pm (briefing 8.45am) - 3 x 20 min sessions - $265.00

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Driving Events

sde lotus exp

Track & Training days consist of controlled 20 minute sessions rotating throughout the day. To reduce the hassle and distraction of lapping traffic, cars and drivers will be grouped according to speed and experience ensuring the safest and most enjoyable track sessions possible. Book online.

Most importantly we include free comprehensive in car driver instruction from experienced instructors. Don't waste your time going round in circles! Advice from professionals will advance your driving and help you set up your car to ensure you improve every time you hit the track.

New drivers will have access to a Performance Driving Briefing before being guided on track by our team of experienced instructors. All drivers will be welcome "and encouraged" to undergo complimentary in car instruction during the day and for those really serious about improving those lap times why not try dedicated 1 on 1 coaching. Join my experienced team of instructors which include, Steve Owen, Chris McCormack, Rob Hackwood, l and many more special guest instructors to make appearances throughout 2023.


Included in day will be the usual fantastic espresso coffee provided by "The Powerstation", plus cold refreshments however lunch catering is not provided at this venue so BYO food.

Book Online or call Paul on 0419 549122 to confirm your position.

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Driving Events


sde lotus exp

We don't allow our cars to be driven on this layout but if you want the ride of your life or wish to entertain some guests book in for some passenger ride Hot Laps!

Lotus Race Experience –

  • Lotus Exige Hot Laps – 3 laps - $165.00

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Radical Race Experience –

  • Radical SR3 Hot Laps – 3 laps - $220.00

Book online or call Paul on 0419 549122 to confirm your position.

Driving Events

Tarmac Challenge Series

We run these events in-conjunction with the Lotus Club of QLD. Due to floods and track damage last year the 2022 series couldnt be completed so we have rolled over the final 3 rounds to to this year! Entries are now open for round 4. Its a great 'fun' event and the result published live on our website.


To provide a low-cost fun individual sprint competition that allows any one car and driver combination to have a realistic chance of success regardless of power or cost/performance of vehicle. These events are pretty much the same as our Tarmac Short Course Challenge however we use official timing (no transponders necessary) and run it as a competition based on consistency allowing any car/driver combination the chance to win.


  • Round 1: Sunday 20 February 2022 - Complete
  • Round 2: Sunday 12 June 2022 - Complete
  • Round 3: Sunday 28 August 2022 - Complete
  • Round 4: Sunday 26 March 2023
  • Round 5: Sunday 25 June 2023
  • Round 6: Sunday 27 August 2023
  • To be run over 6 rounds (drop your worst round)
  • Officially timed sprints around various courses set up on the Lakeside DTC track. All runs to be timed with the fastest run and the next 4 closest times to be counted towards the points score.
  • The time difference over those 5 timed runs will determine your penalty score (i.e if your fastest run was 52.10 secs and subsequent closest times were 52.41, 52.54, 53.15, 52.98 then your penalty score for that sprint would be (53.15 – 52.10 = 1.05sec)
  • If in the event of failure to complete 5 timed runs during a sprint the driver will be allocated the penalty time equalling the largest time penalty of all competitors plus 5 sec.
  • Each round will be run over two different sprint layouts with points awarded for each sprint. Overall round winner will be determined by the closest time difference of the two sprints added together.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the round then the person with the two closest times will determine the winner. If this still presents a tie then the closest 3 times will be used to determine the round winner.
  • Points are awarded per round to establish the ultimate Series Winner based on the following format: 1st 25, 2nd 22, 3rd 20, 4th 18, 5th 16, 6th 14, 7th 12, 8th 10, 9th 9, 10th 8, 11th 7, 12th 6, 13th 5, 14th 4, 15th 3, 16th 2, 17th and lower 1 point will be awarded.
  • If in the event of a tied points score in the series the winner will be determined on count back of the overall round time difference from each 5 rounds counting towards their end series result


Trophies to be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall in the Series

Additional prize pool -

1st Place

Set of 4 Yokohama A052’s
Set Yokohama Tyre Covers
10 Lap Radical Test Drive
Subscription to Retromotive Magazine

2nd Place

Set of Yokohama Tyre Covers
Subscription to Retromotive Magazine

3rd Place

Set of Yokohama Tyre Covers
Subscription to Retromotive Magazine

1st place at each round will also receive a unique round winners cap.

Entry Fee $165.00 / driver. Entry numbers are strictly limited


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Driving Events

sde upcoming events

  • 24 March - Track & Training - Lakeside
  • 24 March - Defensive - Mt Cotton
  • 25 March - Defensive - Mt Cotton
  • 26 March - Yokohama Tarmac Challenge Series Rnd 4
  • 2 April - Advanced Car Control - Mt Cotton Skid Pan (SOLD OUT)
  • 13 April - Defensive - Mt Cotton
  • 16 April - Defensive - Mt Cotton
  • 28 April - Defensive - Lakeside
  • 13 May - Tarmac Short Course Challenge - Lakeside
  • 14 May - Advanced Car Control/ Lotus Skid Pan - Mt Cotton
  • 28 May - Radical / Lotus Race Experience - Norwell
  • 23 June - Track & Training - QLD Raceway

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