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Paul Stokell


Owned and operated by leading professional driver and instructor - Paul Stokell, Driving Events was created to fulfil a need to supply experienced Defensive, Advanced and High Performance driver training.

Post licence Defensive Driver Training is something close to our heart. With over 15 years experience, Paul and his professional team are well equipped to instil the knowledge and skills required to remain alive on our hectic roads.

Too many people do not consider the risks involved in their day to day work/travel. Skill reinforcement is one thing but our focus is mainly centred on driver attitude and awareness. These courses are ideal for both the younger and more experienced drivers alike.

For those wishing to improve their skills to the next level we offer a host of Advanced Driving Courses focusing on Skid Control and prevention.

And finally our High Performance Track & Training days regularly see owners of cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Aston Martin, Nissan GTR, Cobra, Mitsubishi EVO, Mercedes, Audi, Subaru etc in attendance. All drivers are keen to enjoy their pride and joy in a strictly controlled environment. These days almost present as a high speed car show and have a great feeling of camaraderie without the pressure of competition.

So if your aim is to become a better and safer driver look no further than Driving Events to provide the answers and advice. 

"After all, in every endeavour in life we look for training to improve our skills and understanding - so why not driving"

 Driving Events

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Football, swimming, tennis, golf, rowing in fact nearly every athlete in sport enjoy the benefits of coaching. So why is it that hundreds of drivers around the country spend tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to make their car go faster when from experience I can honestly say that the biggest lap time gains will come from the driver.

Six times Australian Champion - Paul Stokell

Listen & forget, watch & learn, EXPERIENCE and understand.