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Enjoyed the experience

Paul, I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the half day track day at Queensland raceway. Also I was relieved when the good folk at Audi told me that I still have plenty of life in my brakes. I was concerned beforehand about the potential for damage to my car and injury to me, but the way the drivers were broken into groups, according to experience, kept to a modest size ( so there was plenty of space between cars) and given both clear instruction on sensible rules ( eg no overtaking in corners etc) and guidance otherwise set me at ease and allowed me to enjoy the experience with some confidence. Michael (April 2024)


Very good day

Hi Paul, Just wanted to say I had a very good day at the Driving Course yesterday. I was hesitant with the practical side in the beginning but am so pleased I did it as it did push me right outside of my comfort zone, made me understand what my car is now capable of and most of all - it has made me more aware of safer practises on the road. (Best part) I have recommended your Defensive Driving course to my family with teenage children. I have a 13yrs old daughter myself and hope you are still around when time comes for her to go for her licence. I think your course is very worthwhile and your instructors are very passionate and obviously love what they do. You are all helping save lives on the road. Again, many thanks, Melissa (October 2023)



Well organised

My mate Glen and I attended your Track day last Friday and we had a ball. We were like 2 big kids on the way home talking about our experience and looking forward to joining you for more. It was well organised, friendly staff and the coffee and pizza was a nice surprise. Peter (August 2023)


Professional, Informative, Relaxed

I've been involved in advanced driver training for almost 30 years, 20 of them full time working for large government agency, and contracts for a huge variety of private companies. I can easily state that the events Paul runs are without doubt some of the most professional, informative, relaxed and yet effective that I have seen. I have done 4 events so far and will come back for more, can totally recommend for younger drivers (skid pan) and also more mature wanting to brush up or perfect track craft. Any driver at any event will come away with great learning. The value for money is superb, and driving exposure and drive volume is absolutely correct, thanks for your products. - Tim Binns (June 2023)

Amazing experience

Just wanted to say a big thank you. We bought our son the Lotus hot laps experience for his 10th Birthday, which he was finally able to do on Sunday 31/10 down at Norwell. He had such an amazing experience and has not stopped talking about it. His driver was wonderful and answered all of his questions and really made sure the experience was something that he will continue to talk about for a long time yet. Definitely a lasting memory for him. Thanks again, I won't hesitate to recommend you guys, in fact I already have. (November 2021)

I'll be doing another one!

Dear Paul, please accept this email as a huge thank you to you and your team for allowing me to take part in the 2018 Master Class at Morgan Park. Having participated in the 2018 Master Class, I took what I learnt to my Cobra Nationals Event in October with outstanding results. Not only did the car improve out of site based on your instructors advice and guidance, but I shaved 5 secs a lap of my best PB's at Wakefield Park. The even more exciting part to that is I feel there is even more in the car and me so I can’t wait to apply my new skills even further. Highly recommended. Can’t fault the experience. Special thanks to Steve Owen and Ric Kemp for their awesome instruction, guidance and feedback. By far the best motorsport bang for buck to improve track times and car set up without question. I'll be doing another one! Driver (October 2018)

Absolutely first rate

Very much belated but just wanted to extend my personal thanks for all the time and effort you put in to run the masterclass at Morgan Park last month. The team that you assembled was absolutely first rate and having the opportunity to receive tuition from them was incredible. The structure of the weekend was fantastic and the opportunity to have a pro driver set a data baseline in my own car was brilliant. Having Ric on hand to then talk through the data and point out areas that required improvement for me really added to the experience. I found the classroom sessions especially insightful and they really helped to change my approach to what it takes to go fast. I took great interest in learning how you approach your racing including the progression of your career and the experiences you had along the way. The concepts of programming of the mind and the end of breaking point I found particularly useful and have given me a stack of extra tools to help improve my driving. Overall I had a fantastic weekend and feel like I’ve been able to take a huge amount away from it. Congratulations on your strong showing at the Targa Great Barrier Reef. James Black (September 2018)

Fantastic approach

I have been meaning to email since late last year when I completed my defensive driving course. I wanted to let you know how beneficial I found the course, and what an engaging teacher Ian is. He was fantastic in his approach to teaching the group and I found the experience to be very positive. Gabrielle (January 2018)

Amazing Experience

After a couple of reschedules, finally did the course today (Sat 15th). Worth every dollar, amazing experience, awesome teachers with heaps of knowledge and wisdom to share. Completely recommend to anyone I cross paths with and will be in touch for level 2. Cheers and great efforts to you and your team. Carl (July 2017)


Loved every minute of it!

I just wanted to send a quick email regarding my experience of driving the Lotus. I had such a fantastic experience last Thursday - Julie was simply lovely and welcoming and Levi was an extremely patient and kind instructor. Loved every minute of it! I will definitely be back :) Many thanks, Kath (May 2016)

Extremely good environment

Thank you very much for the track day on Thursday. It was a great experience and I'm sure we will be back. The set up with all the coaches was fantastic and provided an extremely good environment to learn about performance driving and improve our skills, despite never having driven on a track before. Having the coaches drive your own car to show you lines and car capabilities was amazing and eye opening, as new drivers we were unaware how hard you could push it. The sessions were ran very well and i will highly recommend this to other people. Thanks Paul and team. Tim (August 2015)

Learning some driving techniques

I just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself and your team today at Willowbank. Really enjoyed finding out what my car is capable of and also learning some driving techniques on the track. Will definitely come back to another session. Neil (July 2015)



Valued Greatly

Just a note of appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the skid pan program this morning. It was thoroughly enjoyable; and nicely challenging for someone like me with a lifetime of driving as carefully as possible on Queensland roads. And it was very professionally conducted by you and Levi. The clever mixture of encouragement when OOC events occurred, coupled with prompting to push for an ever improving performance, was an absolute delight to experience. And for an old bloke like me, something that I valued greatly. The other aspect of the whole event that some may not have appreciated was the honour of even a passing contact with yourself whom I regard as one of the icons of Australian motor racing. Job well done! Congratulations. Graham (March, 2015)

Plenty of laps

A quick email to say thank you for a great day at the track day at QLD Raceway. As you know I have been out of racing for a while and wanted to practice before I got into a race. Today's event was perfect. Lots of track time with only a few cars in each group meant we could have space to have a good run. Plenty of laps so you could 'creep up' on that good lap time without pushing it too hard the first time out And the instructors were great! Very helpful. I would definitely recommend your training events to anyone starting track driving or even just wanting to improve their times. Thank you again for a great day. Steve (July, 2015)

Amazing Day

Thanks once again to you and your team. Geez that was an amazing day. All my mates had the best time. Those USB sticks you do are an awesome idea too. Nicole and I got straight home and watched them, such a great memento of the day! It’s also awesome that you put the hot laps on there too, because watching those go by, especially with all the stats and stuff, is freaking awesome. Matthew (March, 2015)

Awesome Experience!

I completed your Level 1 Defensive Driving Course a couple of weeks ago with your instructors Ian and Chris. I am writing to say thank you for the awesome experience! Both Ian and Chris were so engaging and provided heaps of information. Before completing the course It was great to learn how to use the ABS brakes in my car in a safe and friendly environment as well as drive in various conditions. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know! Thanks again, Ellie (January, 2015).

Took a lot off our lap times

Just a quick note to thank you for the day, we enjoyed ourselves and took a lot off our lap times, apart from my excursion into the bunker on the last lap due to ambitions exceeding talent all was good, no damage other than to pride! 
The instructors were excellent and the day run in a relaxed and safe manner once again thanks for your assistance we will certainly run with you again. Ian (August, 2013)


Saved my life

I just recently completed the defensive driving course at the Mount Cotton facility on Saturday afternoon 24-11-12. The course potentially saved my life or at least prevented a major accident. I was stopped at a set of lights and after my light turned green I didn't do the usual green = go, but rather looked left and then right. Lucky I did because a driver had run the red light and would have T-boned me if I had of just proceeded through like I used to do. Course worth every cent. Thanks, Andrew. (November, 2012)

Ultimate enjoyment

Dear Paul – Thank you for your attention to our many requests to arrange A Lotus Car Driving Experience. What started as a birthday present planned for Deb by her children in last September, was accomplished with ultimate enjoyment yesterday. Andrew, her driver, provided her with a fitting end to the planning that had taken place. On behalf of (Mim and Te and dear old grandma), A very big thanks. (November, 2012)


A Great Experience

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the laps and you're running a great experience. Would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thanks for re-booking it for me as well. Really appreciate it and I'm glad it didn't go to waste. Hopefully when my time is a little more free I'd love to take it for a spin myself. Cheers mate a big thumbs up from me. Kind Regards, Ben

Excellent Day

Thanks for the great Lotus day last Saturday. I have been a long time (armchair)fan of motor sport and remember very well watching your Lamborghini tear around race tracks. I have a wife and three kids so I have never had a chance to do something like this before. This was easily the best fun and the most I have grinned in years.The day was a great balance of events, but easily the best fun was the track race at the end. For someone with little knowledge of cars it was a perfect day. I will absolutely be encouraging our group to visit again. I have a new VW Golf R, which would be fun to bring to our track day, but I would be too nervous to drive fast (I need to get to work somehow)!! Thanks again for the excellent day. Great team of guys/great cars and very smooth running program. Cheers, Wayne (September, 2012)

Brilliant experience

You really should book a minimum of 10 laps for your first time, you get hooked straight away. Brilliant experience everyone should try. Suzie (Lotus Race Experience)

A fantastic day

It was a fantastic day that really opened my eye to what a real race car driver is capable of. Very much an amazing experience. I will go again for sure!! Clint (Lutus Race Experience)

Extreme patience

Paul had extreme patience - this experience took me outside my comfort zone I am aware of what my care does and how the ABS works eventually. (Defensive Driving Course Level 1 - Lakeside, Brisbane)

The most fun in a long time

It was the most fun I have enjoyed for a very long time! Greg

Defensive Driving Course Level 1 - Lakeside, Brisbane

Absolutely loved the course, it was unexpectedly good. I have already recommended it to others and am keen to do the next level defensive driving course. Micah

Lamborghini Experience

Just letting you know that Boyd had his Lamborghini experience yesterday, he had the best time ever and hasn't stopped talking about it. Your driver made he feel comfortable and the other staff member were very helpful. Thank you for such a great experience and birthday present for my son that he won't forget for a long time. Thanks, Catherine

Really exciting!

It was really exiting and very fun when we were going around and i would have preferred to have a few more laps in the car. But all in all it was a great experience.

Plenty to work on

Thanks again for demonstrating last week just how fast an old E type Jag can go on the track if the driver is skilful enough. You have given me plenty to work on! Cheers, Geoff Blake

Excellent Day

Thanks for the great Lotus day last Saturday. I have been a long time (armchair)fan of motor sport and remember very well watching your Lamborghini tear around race tracks. I have a wife and three kids so I have never had a chance to do something like this before. This was easily the best fun and the most I have grinned in years.

The day was a great balance of events, but easily the best fun was the track race at the end. For someone with little knowledge of cars it was a perfect day. I will absolutely be encouraging our group to visit again. I have a new VW Golf R, which would be fun to bring to our track day, but I would be too nervous to drive fast (I need to get to work somehow)!! Thanks again for the excellent day. Great team of guys/great cars and very smooth running program. Cheers, Wayne (September, 2012)

Enjoyed the drive

Had a great time! Really enjoyed the drive & having all of the other exotic cars there on the day. I think it would be great to do 2 x 5 laps & also have lap time info so you can see how you went. Troy (Lotus Race Experience)

Great experience driving a Lotus Exige

It was a great experience driving a Lotus Exige (fantastic car) on a real race track with an experienced instructor giving constant feedback and advice on how to improve. While the 10 laps are over quite quickly, the memories of the speed and cornering forces will live on forever. The start time of my drive was delayed quite a lot but this was mainly due to the race track officials and in the main, not due to the Lotus Race Experience organisation. Burt (Lotus Race Experience)

Definately blown away

I was definitely blown away by Paul's experience and expertise as a race car driver, initially I thought he was a routine driving instructor but was soon proven wrong. He definitely made us push the limits of our cars and yourself which made it all the more balls out and realistic, he made you stare fear in the face then laugh at it. Definitely worth it and would do it again. (Defensive Driving Course Level 1 - Lakeside, Brisbane)



Lotus Experience

I attended your Lotus experience on 2/7/11 @ Morgan Park. Thank you for the opportunity to drive and the simple, organised system you have in place for the event. I'll admit 5 laps were only just enough to start building a rhythm and not really enough to start working on true speed. It was my first on track and sports car experience. The instructor (Matt?) was excellent and offered clear instructions which were great. Thanks again. I'll recommend it to any driving enthusiasts I know but will certainly suggest they look to do 10 laps and not just 5. Brendan

Hands on knowledge

I had a really great time and wasn't what I expected! Paul Stokell has great industry and hands on knowledge which means he knows what he's talking about. Would definitely (and already have) recommended this to friends and family. (Defensive Driving Course Level 1 - Lakeside, Brisbane)

Very memorable experience

Just a courtesy email to thank you and the team for the Lotus hot laps today. All of the team were very helpful and the day was very well organised making it a very memorable experience. Once again thank you and I look forward to riding again in the very near future - kind regards Leah

The day ran well

Just thought I would send a message and thank you and your staff for your efforts on Friday. All your staff were very courteous and helpful, and the day ran well. I was especially impressed with Chris. He drove my car brilliantly and gave me some valuable feedback. I will make some changes to the car and am looking forward to the next day @ lakeside. Regards, Peter

An Amazing Gift

Lotus experience was great, we bought it for my dad and even though he is not a huge car enthusiast the atmosphere and experience made it an amazing gift.

Skid Pan Training, Track days at QR, Morgan Park and Lakeside

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for guidance and instruction you have given John this year in the Supra. We purchased the Supra last November to participate in the Street Sprints and began this year as complete novices in circuit racing. John has attended the Skid Pan Training, Track days at QR, Morgan Park and Lakeside, the improvement in his times has been remarkable after each training session. Last Sunday he set a time of 60.7 seconds at Lakeside which was not only the fastest time in the V8 category (turbo 6 run in V8) he was the third fastest outright with over 60 entrants in all sorts of vehicles. He was only 3/10th slower than the fastest car on the day which was a Mitsubishi EVO and 1/10th behind second fastest (another EVO).

As you can imagine there were many cars that you think would be faster than the Supra including a few V8's running full slicks, Clubman's and other EVO's etc. so when people realise we are running a fairly standard engine they are shocked by the speed of the car.

John is currently leading the Street Sprints in the V8 category at both QR and Lakeside I have no hesitation in telling people that the driver training was the best investment we have made in finding quicker lap times. My initial motivation was to make John safer in the car and I believe we have accomplished that with John driving the car quick and straight (most of the time).

Thanks again for your assistance so far this year and we look forward to future track days with you and the team. Steve, General Manager - Torque Toyota

Driving Events on the Gold Coast

We've been to a couple of 'driving events' on the Gold Coast, and I have to say that Paul Stokell's gig has been the most professional and responsive we have dealt with thus far. This is just another example of that – he clearly chooses his associates well. Andrea and Michael.

When do I go again?

The Lotus Exige hot laps was for our son, Sean who is blind and has cerebral palsy who loved the experience and speed of whole event, the driver was great the first thing Sean said was it was fantastic, when do I go again??? Evie