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Lotus Race Experience

Queensland Raceway, Morgan Park Raceway, Lakeside, Norwell, Baskerville (Hobart)

Various avenues exist to experience the exhilaration of one of the worlds "true" sports cars. Founder of Lotus Cars, Colin Chapman, championed the cause of "less is more" and proved its effectiveness on the track throughout Formula 1 history. The Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige carry on this tradition, providing a pure driving experience that any driver will fall in love with.

Now you too can experience this purist driving sensation and marvel at the braking and cornering capabilities of these extraordinary sports cars. Whether you goal is to simply experience, or you have ambitions of becoming a race driver, we can cater for your needs.



Ever wanted to drive a high performance sports car around some of Australia's most exciting race circuits? Chose between Queensland Raceway, Norwell Driving Centre, the historic Lakeside Raceway (Hot Laps only), the challenging Morgan Park in Warwick, or the Baskerville Raceway in Hobart. Feel your heart pound as you jump behind the wheel to drive at astonishing speed beside one of our driving coaches. Feel the adrenalin rise and sit back and enjoy Lotus as it was designed as one of our coaches takes you on a Hot Lap that you will never forget.


Dedicated driving coach, helmet, cold drinks, tea and coffee are included in Lotus Race Experiences.


  • 5 Lap Blast
  • Single 1 x 10 lap session
  • Half Day 3 x 10 lap sessions
  • Full Day 6 x 10 lap sessions
  • Optional Hot Laps with car hire
  • Stand alone Hot Laps available
  • In Car USB recording