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Lotus Skid Pan Training

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How hard can it be to correct a sliding car at 40km?

For those that have never been on a diesel skid pan before - you will be surprised!!

It’s a wet miserable day and unawares to you the truck traveling 10 cars in front of you is dropping diesel all over the road. Suddenly the car in front props and you have to brake and swerve to avoid a collision. Your car suddenly skids sideways! “What you do next could save your life” Do you know what you would do?

This course is designed to make you a safer and more aware driver whilst receiving tips from the experts on car control and skid control techniques. Using one of our Lotus Exige, you will be personally coached in the skills necessary to correct a skidding car. You will learn to control understeer, oversteer and what to do if you get out of control. More importantly you will learn how to avoid getting into these situations in the first place.

Theoretical subjects covered

  • Driving posture
  • Steering techniques
  • Vehicle balance
  • Skid recognition
  • Skid prevention
  • Correct use of vision
  • Stability control safety systems

Practical exercises conducted

  • In car demonstration of Oversteer and Understeer
  • Correction of Oversteer
  • Correction of Understeer
  • Advanced Vision Skills
  • Stability control systems and their effectiveness in customers cars
  • Vehicle Balance by use of throttle control

Course Venue and Times

  • Courses are conducted solely at the Mt Cotton Driver Training facility.
  • Half Day courses are conducted over a 4 Hour duration
  • Generally courses run from 12.30pm start—finish 4.30pm (Other times can be arranged for group or corporate bookings)
  • Light refreshments, tea and coffee are supplied.

Course Brief

  • These courses are conducted with a max group size of 12 people (spectators are welcome).
  • Two cars will be used on the course at any one time. 1 to 1 in car training will be provided at all times whilst in our cars.

After the initial briefing participants will be taken on some laps to demonstrate understeer, oversteer and the preventative and correction techniques. From here participants will rotate through in car instructional sessions on a 1 to 1 basis. As the circuit is designed to be coated with diesel skids can be achieved with very low speeds (not exceeding 40km/h) giving time to learn the art of car control.

The Team

All instructors used at Driving Events are selected not only for their abilities as a driver but also their ability to effectively communicate. All instructors are hand picked by Chief Instructor Paul Stokell. A six time National Champion, Paul has been educating drivers for over 13 years, working not only in his own company but regularly with many proactive vehicle manufacturers both in Australia and Overseas. Whatever your level or ambitions Paul and his team can help you achieve your goals.


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