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CAMS licence testing

CAMS Observed Licence Tests (OLT) can be conducted at any Driving Events Track & Training event or by prior arrangement.

During the test applicants will be observed both on track and in car (where possible) plus each applicant will undergo a CAMS lecture presentation.

Upon successful completion a certificate will be provided to forward to CAMS member services as proof of completion. Criteria for tests will include the ability to lap the chosen circuit in a competitive and safe manner so a reliable, manual vehicle suitable for the task is a prerequisite.

The CAMS licence structure has five levels, ranging from Level 1 (come and try), through to international. National and International licences are discipline specific (e.g. Rally, Circuit, Off Road, Superkart), where a level 2 licence is for generic club motor sport.

Level 1

Licence used for club recruitment promotions, or a specific non-competitive part of a competitive event.

Level 2

Broken up into two parts, Level 2NS (NS for Non-Speed events), and Level 2S (S for Speed events). A level 2NS licence entitles the competitor to compete in events such as observed section trials, touring assemblies, non-timed road events, motorkhanas, khanacross and drifting events, up to International level. A level 2S licence entitles the holder to compete in 2NS events plus regularity trials up to National Championship level, single and multi-car speed events (not racing) up to International level, and touring road events that do not run over closed road sections.

National Level

Entitles the licence holder to compete in rallies, circuit events, off road or superkart events, depending on the type licence issued. The national licence has individual requirements specific to each discipline's licence. Holding a licence at national level in one discipline does not entitle to you compete in another discipline.

International Level

The FIA licence is required to compete in International events. Again discipline specific, the licences have additional requirements to national licences.

The first step toward circuit racing or rallying is a PC Licence (Provisional Competition) and the following pre-requisites apply.



  • Complete Health Statement on application form each year.
  • Medical Examination by CAMS-designated Medical Examiner.
  • One-off medical examination for those under the age of 45.
  • Ongoing examination every:
    • 24 months for licence holders over 45 years of age
    • 12 months if instructed by the medical examiner.


  • Complete a motor sport lecture
  • Undergo an Observed Licence Test (OLT) at which style, ability and attitudes are evaluated.


  • You must be 16 years of age.
  • There is no junior licence available.